New Gameplay Features & Bountiful Rewards!


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I. Introducing a New Way to Earn Rubies

In this update, we've introduced a new method to earn Rubies. Click on the "Free Rubies" button in the Shop to visit an external website. Complete the task on the website to earn Rubies. Each task has its unique requirements, so review the details before accepting any task.

How to Earn Rubies:

1. Go to the Shop and click on the "Free Rubies" button.

2. Select a task after redirecting to the website.

3. Review the rewards and requirements.

4. Complete the task on the website or application.

5. Return to the game and confirm task completion.

6. Your rewards will be sent to your mailbox upon completion.


II. Tower of Trials

1. Unlocking Condition: Tower of Trials will be available on the Main Menu after completing Master of Wealth, Master of Power, Master of Fame, and "The Rings Sealed Away."

2. Tower of Trials is currently available up to 50 levels, clear the current level to unlock the next one.

3. Certain levels consist of multiple stages. Clear all stages to proceed.

4. HP and SP of Travelers and enemies are retained until the level ends, except in EX levels.

5. No healing or recovery options are available in the Tower of Trials, but HP and SP can be recovered through the "Form Party" page.

Challenge Limits

1. There's a limit to the number of challenges, which can be increased by spending Rubies or special items or waiting for recovery.


BOSS Stages and EX Levels

1. BOSS stages feature stronger enemies, and EX levels have additional restrictions.

2. All EX levels must be completed in one battle, otherwise you will have to start over from the beginning.

3. The party's HP and SP are fully restored at the start, but they revert to the original state after battle.

4. Each EX level has restrictions, only specific Travelers can join the party.


III. Ultimate

Travelers can now learn powerful Ultimates! Here are some tips for leveling up your Ultimate:

1. Clear the tutorial level of Ultimate Training in Tower of Trials to learn an Ultimate. Level up your Ultimate by selecting "Ultimate" from the "Learn Skills" page. The Ultimate's power increases with its level.

2. Leveling up an Ultimate requires Wisdom Orbs, Traveler Guidestones, and Awakening Stones.

3. Wisdom Orbs are mainly obtained through the Tower of Trials.

4. The maximum Ultimate level is Lv.10.


1. Travelers who have learned an Ultimate will display an Ultimate progress bar, which fills up as BP is consumed. You can unleash the Ultimate once the progress bar is full.

2. The number of times an Ultimate can be used in battle is limited and can be increased by leveling up the Ultimate.

3. The usage limit resets after the battle ends. If you continue the battle after being defeated, the progress bar is restored to 100%.


IV. Awakening Stone Fragment

We've added a new feature where you can break down excess Awakening Stones into fragments, which can then be used to exchange for Awakening Stones of other 5⭐Travelers!

 To access this feature, go to the Exchange section under "Guidestones/Awakening Stones/Passes" and look for the "Awakening Stone Shard" entrance. Here, you'll see the Traveler's Awakening Stones that can be exchanged. Be sure to spend your resources wisely when using this feature.


V. Monthly Cards & Weekly Card

In this update, we've introduced two Monthly Cards and one Weekly Card tailored for players who want to collect Guidestones and materials more efficiently, and for those seeking faster progression.


VI. Apprentice Traveler's Suitcase

The Apprentice Traveler's Suitcase is now a First Purchase Bonus available in the game. When you make any purchase, you can claim 3 days' worth of rewards and choose one of eight 5⭐ Travelers! Players who have made a purchase in the past will unlock this reward immediately upon login.


VII. New Version Celebration

1. On the first day of the update, you'll receive 200 Free Rubies as part of our celebration!

2. Get 1 free Guide each day for 21 days!

3. The half-year anniversary will begin on May 2, 2024! Join us in celebrating the new update and look forward to more rewards from us!